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Dr. Anna Lamnari is one of very few physicians practicing integrative geriatrics. She graduated from Medical University in Bialystok, Poland and completed her residency at Columbia-affiliated Roosevelt Hospital in New York, NY. She finished her geriatric fellowship at Cornell University – New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York, NY. After several years in practice she realized that the mainstream medicine was not providing her and her patients with all the answers, particularly when it came to managing chronic diseases. She then entered and completed Dr. Andrew Weil’s fellowship in Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona, which provided her with new tools and a different, more holistic approach to her patients. She has always enjoyed more humanistic aspects of medicine which lead to a lifelong interest in aging, medical ethics and death and dying. Her heartfelt passion is changing the current model of aging from one of decline and disempowerment to becoming (and staying) healthy, creative and vibrant.

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