Budget-Friendly Summer Travel Tips

It’s on the brink of summer and you need some fun, budget friendly places to go on vacation. What do you do? Whether you are traveling by train, plane or automobile, you will benefit from a step-by-step summer travel planning guide that will guarantee a more optimal experience rather than going into it willy-nilly, go-with-the-flow kind of traveling. Now if that is your vibe and it works for you, then go for it! But for those of us who like an itinerary and/or a checklist which keeps us more organized, you have come to the right place! Let’s look at some basic tips to consider as you are planning that perfect getaway this summer!

Build a Budget

This is the first thing that you want to do when traveling and then everything should fall into place. Everyone wants to save money and cut corners these days but make sure you do that within reason. Building a budget-friendly summer trip itinerary will allow you to know what type of vacation to plan. Do not venture out miles and miles away from home not knowing how much “things” (lodging, food, rentals) will cost.

Plan Ahead

This is crucial when planning a budget-friendly vacation. If you are driving, you have to consider things like gas prices and how often you will stop, places to eat, hotels/motels to stay in, flexibility if someone should get sick (you will definitely need a first aid kit), places to stop for sightseeing and getting souvenirs. You may even want to be looking at the weather and how it can affect your drive. If you will be flying or traveling on a train or boat, you will have to consider costs of tickets, food if there is a long layover, car rental or taxi/uber costs every time you go out, ports you could dock at (while cruising) and hotel accommodation prices for your stay to name a few.


What type of activities will you be doing on this trip? Go online and see what is low cost or even free along the way (if you are driving) or at your destination (those of you flying or going by train or boat). Look for hotels that have indoor or outdoor pools readily available for your kids. Having already paid for the lodging, a pool is just an amenity! If you can plan a trip that is cost effective you can even consider splurging on one or two things along the way.

Pack Smart

It’s very easy to overpack when all you really need to do is pack light and make sure you have a way to wash your clothes every now and then, depending on where you go. A lightweight summer travel wardrobe is the best way to travel inexpensively, especially in the summer.

A wardrobe is not all you have to pack. There are also trip planning essentials that you family might need such as medications, toys, sunscreen, and bug spray. (Pack what is essential to your destination.) If you are driving your car, you will need essential tools for your car in case your car decides to break down. Another way to pack smart is to pack your own food. Budgeting the times you will actually be eating at a restaurant will save you money by traveling with your own food if you are driving to your destination. Also consider buying food to store in your hotel refrigerator.

Travel Downtime

Have you ever experienced someone who has come home from a much needed vacation only to hear that they were on the go the entire time and that it was so good to be home so they can relax? Relaxation DURING a vacation trip is essential and also budget-friendly! It is important to have those in between times to either sleep or just to give your brain a rest, so make sure to include those into your family package! Resting in your hotel, sleeping for an hour in the hotel (including the kids), staying away from technology for a few hours or a day will recharge you for more fun things to do. You paid for this vacation so you deserve to enjoy every minute!

Take Aways

Everyone looks forward to vacation time and we have learned that putting some thought into the different aspects of traveling is very important. Budgeting and planning will get you to the places you want to go! So when you are getting ready for that much needed summer get-away, ultimately that is what it comes down to. Here are 2 FREE checklists for you at the bottom of the page to begin your trip organized!

Summer travel packing checklist


This is a fantastic way to make sure you have not forgotten a single item while on your vacation!

  • Detailed
  • Blank spaces for your unique items
  • Adult and child lists

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