Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day

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It’s not just another day….it’s Mother’s Day! What comes to mind when you think of your mom? Could it be those special recipes she makes like no other or the mom fragrance she has when you give her a big hug? Maybe it’s that she has that listening ear and great advice just at the right time. Whatever makes mom “MOM”, it’s unique only to her. Time to celebrate? You bet! But how will you celebrate mom? There are so many ways. Let me give you five easy ideas!

Gifts on Mother’s Day

I think sometimes we get caught up in the holiday itself and end up just buying a gift (or gifts) for your child(ren) to give to mom and be done with it. However, nothing is more special to the child and mom if a gift is a DIY Mother’s Day gift (created by the child). Here are some perfect examples of DIY Mother’s Day gifts if you are going that route.

  1. Handprints are always a big deal with moms. They love seeing and reminiscing about those cute little hands each year and comparing them to the growing hands!
  2. Budget Friendly DIY Crafts are perfect in this day and age. Check out this video that has 6 simple DIYs to make mom.
  3. DIY Unique Crafts for Kids of all Ages can incorporate even the older aged kids(teens), not just limited to the very young.
Yellow Flower on a Mug

Breakfast or Brunch on Mother’s Day

Who doesn’t like a good bagel and cream cheese every now and then? Mom is no different and would love to be pampered on Mother’s Day with a yummy breakfast or Mother’s Day brunch. Give mom her favorite breakfast in bed. If you are really creative, turn the dining area into an “At Home B&B”. Kids can help with fun signage and decor such as these cute gift bags, and special table decorations with reusable coupons spread out down the middle. Even a poster about mom on the wall as she enters the room would bring her great joy! The possibilities are actually endless as to what you could do.

Mother and Daughter Eating Breakfast

Poems on Mother’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are YOU! Do you remember always writing that to someone you loved? Let’s take it a little bit further than that for mom. Let’s talk about poems about motherhood. If you want to start from scratch, then ask your child to brainstorm some words that describe mom. For younger children limit them to 2-4. Plug in those words into a poem that you have found or possibly encourage them to write and illustrate it themselves. If you aren’t a poet, then these ideas could be very helpful! Poems about motherhood can be included WITH or even BE the main gift focus for a child to give to their mother for Mother’s Day. It’s the thought that counts!

Fun Family Activities on Mother’s Day

Sometimes mom just wants to be left alone and enjoy a quiet Mother’s Day while others may want to include the whole family in some fun family activities for Mother’s Day.

When mom is the outdoorsy type mom, you can all enjoy these things together:

  • ball sports (baseball, basketball, touch football, pickleball)
  • a picnic in a place of her choice
  • an outdoor concert
  • going to the beach or sitting by the pool
  • hiking
  • bicycling
  • fishing
  • camping

For those moms who prefer staying indoors or if you had outdoor plans and you need some rainy day ideas, you can still get creative:

  • watch a movie together
  • breakfast in bed
  • fashion show
  • spa/nail day
  • hair day
  • cooking with mom
  • art with mom
  • bubble bath

Traditions on Mother’s Day

Traditions are always fun and make so many great memories. If you haven’t ever had a Mother’s Day tradition, now is the time to start one! Mom will love it and it will get the whole family involved.

  • watch her same favorite movie each year with her favorite snack
  • go on a scavenger hunt (hide clues around the house that mention a memory of mom) or take her to an Escape Room
  • start a Mother’s Day scrapbook and add to it every year
  • bake a special Mother’s Day cake or cookies
  • play silly family games
  • look at baby pictures with mom and compare hers with the way you look and how you have grown

Sometimes moms don’t feel recognized for all of the sacrifices they make so make sure that whatever you do for mom on Mother’s Day that it is always one that they will remember. Mom is truly special and deserves to be celebrated!

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