July 4

The Most Popular July 4th Activities

The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, is a day filled with various activities and events that bring communities together to honor the nation’s history and enjoy summer festivities. From dazzling fireworks and lively parades to delicious barbecues and family gatherings, there are countless ways to celebrate this special day. Whether you prefer relaxing at a picnic, taking part in outdoor adventures, or indulging in patriotic crafts, many Fourth of July events offers something for everyone to enjoy.


Fireworks on Sky

It can be a real pain to have to buy, set up and set off your own fireworks. Three easy steps, right? Wrong! To avoid the hassle, many towns and cities make available public fireworks displays . . .but to each his own! Just remember to check with your local ordinances if you do set them off yourself.

Attend a July 4th Fireworks Event: Most cities and towns host public fireworks displays which many times include live entertainment.

Set Off Your Own Fireworks: It’s always important to check your local ordinances. If local laws permit, you can purchase and set off your own fireworks. If it is not permitted within city limits, sparklers are a good and inexpensive alternative for children.


Person Holding An American Flag

Get the kids up, fed and dressed and support your local community by attending a Fourth of July parade! These type of events are normally advertised weeks in advance.

Local Parades: Check out your local community events page. Many communities have Fourth of July parades featuring floats, bands, and other attractions.

BBQs and Picnics

Person Grilling Sausage and Meat

Hopefully you have a grill or you took advantage of all of those Father’s Day sales on grills because this is Dad’s day to shine!

Grill Out: Host or attend a barbecue with friends and family. Grilling is a great way to bring family and friends together.

Picnic: Pack a picnic and enjoy it at a park or by the water if the weather permits and it is not too hot.

Historical or Patriotic Events

Soldier Statue

Independence Day is the quintessential event that takes place every July 4th. Take some trips around town and find out the historical significance that your city has.

Visit Historical Sites: Tour historical landmarks or attend reenactments/plays. Do some research because you might be surprised at what kind of history background your town or city holds. Those places are sure to delight the history buff or even use these as teaching tools for your children.

Patriotic Programs: Watch or participate in patriotic programs or ceremonies. This should also be listed in your community’s events.

Outdoor Activities

Happy Family Riding Bikes in Alley on Sunny Day

Swimming is not the only outdoor that you can do on July 4th, however it is normally the activity of choice since it is so hot. If you are fortunate enough to live in a climate that is not so hot and humid on this day, then some of these activities might interest you.

Beach or Pool Day: Spend the day swimming and sunbathing.

Hiking or Biking: Enjoy the great outdoors with a hike or bike ride.

Sports and Games: Play games like baseball, frisbee, volleyball, pickleball, or cornhole.

Decorations and Crafts

Pencils in Stainless Steel Bucket

For some relaxing time in the air conditioned home and a break away from the outdoors, pull out the scissors and glue and get your children involved in some patriotic crafts.

Decorate: Adorn your home and yard with red, white, and blue decorations. Get your children involved in making the decorations.

DIY Crafts: Make patriotic crafts with children or friends.

Watching TV or Movies

Selective Focus Photography of Popcorns

There’s nothing like a good movie! Grab some popcorn and some red, white and blue m&ms and you are good to go!

Patriotic Movies: Watch movies that celebrate America, such as “Independence Day,” “National Treasure,” or historical documentaries.

Fireworks Alternatives

Calm Body of Water

If staying home and having a Sparklers Themed Party on July4 is what suits you, then go for it. This is another favorite of kids’ that brings loads of enjoyment. However, if sparklers aren’t your thing and fireworks are too loud, you might be lucky enough to be in or close to one of those towns or cities that puts on a laser light show.

Light Sparklers: For a safer option, use sparklers.

Laser Light Show: Some places offer laser light events on July 4th as an alternative to fireworks.

These activities can be enjoyed with family, friends, or even solo, making for a memorable and festive Fourth of July.

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