I believe that the time has come to redefine the way we age.

We cannot stop the passage of time, but in the last years we have understood a great deal more about the process of aging. There are more and more people like you and I, willing and able to put some effort and resources into deliberate changes in their lifestyles. I would like to share with you the tips, coming both from science and many years of my practice as an integrative geriatrician, on how to optimize your own process of growing older. Join me in the exploration of healthy, creative and vibrant aging, so that, rather than fearing the coming years, you can start looking forward to them.


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Create lasting healthy habits:

"How we spend our days is, of, course, how we spend our lives." says Annie Dillard. The secret to improving our lifestyles is in introducing small changes and giving them enough time to stick. Try some of the following strategies below:

When we challenge our brains they sprout new connections, regardless of age. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone! If you are good at crossword puzzles, you may still continue to do them for fun, but stimulate your brain by trying a Sudoku. Or a logic game. Or a game of chess. It's like a good stretch for your brain. It'll love it!
Most of our society is sedentary. I know I am. Recent research suggests that, in terms of survival, prolonged sitting is as bad for you as smoking. Set a timer on your phone or install an app to remind you to move at least every 45 minutes. Perform a short burst of activity: hop in place 20 times, do 10 wall push-ups or 5 squats. Your body will be invigorated and grateful!
Meditation is great for combating the stress, but did you know it can prevent memory loss? If you feel intimidated by meditation or it makes you uncomfortable, try following: find a place where you can sit quietly for a minute uninterrupted. Exhale, then take a few nice, slow breaths. Let your eyes close and let your breathing return to its natural rythm. Slowly count your breaths to a count of ten. If you have time, give it another round. Than slowly open your eyes.